Bank quits Emersons Green

HALIFAX is set to close its branch in Emersons Green, after it says transactions at the bank fell by more than 80%.

The closure, on July 19, will complete the exit of major banking chains from the area, after HSBC left Downend in April.

A Halifax spokesperson said: “Visits to our Emersons Green branch have fallen over recent years, as many customers now choose to bank digitally.

“When the branch closes in July, customers can continue to bank in person with us at our Kingswood branch, or the local Post Office on Northcote Road.”

The branch is one of 32 Halifax has announced plans to close this year. The company is part of the Lloyds banking group.

Halifax would not confirm how many accounts are based at the branch but says 88% of personal customers already use other ways of banking, such as over the phone or internet banking, as well as other branches.

The company said: “Branch transactions at the Emersons Green branch fell more than 83% between 2017 and 2022. The Post Office, which is less than two miles away at Northcote Road, Mangotsfield, offers personal and business customers everyday banking services, access to cash, paying in of cheques, and more.

“Customers can use any Halifax brand branch for their banking, alongside other options such as the Post Office, online, mobile and telephone banking. We’re contacting customers to let them know about the alternate local banking services available.”

The company did not confirm how many people worked at the branch but said: “All colleagues who work at this branch will move to a role at another branch or in another part of our business, there are no job losses as a result of these changes.”

When HSBC announced the closure of its Downend branch the bank said there had been a 65% drop in use of its branch network over the past five years, with the “vast majority” of branches closing seeing footfall drop by more than half. But the bank also released figures which showed that more than a third of its Downend customers rely on the branch for all of their banking.

Barclays closed its branch in Emersons Green in 2009, while Lloyds shut its branches in Staple Hill and Downend in 2019 and 2021, while NatWest quit Downend in 2015. Kingswood is also losing banks, with the Nationwide closing in April and Barclays due to shut in July.