New double yellows at school

NEW double yellow lines and zigzag parking restrictions are set to be introduced on streets near Barley Close Primary School.

South Gloucestershire Council plans to introduce the new measures to “prevent inconsiderate and dangerous parking” close to the school in Mangotsfield, which is taking increasing numbers of pupils from Lyde Green.

The scheme includes extra double yellow lines on Royal Road, Stockwell Drive and Stockwell Avenue.

There would also be a new yellow zigzag ‘no stopping’ restriction on Stockwell Drive, in force between 8-9.30am and 3-4.30pm, to prevent cars parking close to the pedestrian access into the school during the morning and afternoon school run.

Announcing the measures, the council said: “Concerns have been raised regarding the dangerous and inconsiderate/inappropriate parking on the streets surrounding Barley Close Community Primary School, including parking on the pavement.

“These residential roads and pavements in this area are narrow, and parking reduces the width of the road even further, making pedestrians feel vulnerable.”

A short “informal consultation” on the changes was announced by the council after March’s Voice went to print and closed before April’s edition was published.

The council said the new restrictions would supplement the existing Highway Code rule on parking within 10 metres of a junction, and said it hoped to bring in a legal order and paint the lines during the next 12 months.