Art competition

  • Reception pupil Frank Bathgate created this tree silhouette with a colourful background

CHILDREN at Pucklechurch Primary School organised an art competition as part of a week of activities around autism.

Deputy head teacher Gemma Jones said the competition was one of a series of activities planned by the school’s Equities Crew, a children’s leadership group focussed on “celebrating differences and ensuring that everyone gets a voice”.

She said: “They started the week with an assembly where they shared some of the differences autistic people experience and taught everyone about the lives of famous people with autism, such as Elon Musk and Greta Thunberg.

“This year, the theme of Autism Acceptance Week was colour, so Equities Crew invited all of the children to come to school in their most colourful outfit.

“They also organised an art competition and ask children to create their most colourful piece of art.”

The winners were Reception pupil Frank Bathgate and Zia Wiltshire-Wells, from Year 4.