Sasha campaigns to save cats on the road

A PUCKLECHURCH girl has launched a petition to cut the speed limit on a busy road into the village.

Cat lover Sasha Roberts wants to see the limit on a stretch of Abson Road reduced from 40mph to 30mph to make it safer for both animals and people to cross.

The 10-year-old Pucklechurch Primary School pupil has set up her own petition on the website, which had been signed by more than 300 people as the Voice went to print.

At present the 30mph limit starts just before the junction with Hawkridge Drive, well inside the village boundary, so the road in front of homes in Eagle Crescent and Dyrham View has the higher limit.

Sasha’s petition, posted on behalf of “a community of cat lovers in Pucklechurch”, says: “Our kittens are part of our families and bring joy to our lives.

“However, we have experienced heartbreak too often, as our beloved cats have been hit by cars and killed on Abson Road.

“This is not just our personal tragedy; many of our friends and neighbours share this sorrowful experience.”

The petition urges South Gloucestershire Council to reduce the limit, saying it will make Abson Road safer “for all residents – both human and feline”.

Sasha told the Voice: “Lots of animals have been hit on this road and many have been killed.

“Deeper into the village and at the opposite end, the speed limit is thirty.

“They should keep it at thirty until you leave the village towards Wick.

“If cars go slower then maybe they would notice the animal crossing in front of them.

“It wouldn’t take much to change this small stretch of road, as there are already street lights present.”

Sasha’s parents have contacted South Gloucestershire councillor Marilyn Palmer, who represents the village as part of her Boyd Valley ward.

Cllr Palmer said: “I think that what Sasha has done is amazing. 

“She has really highlighted the danger of speeding vehicles on Abson Road, and I will be happy to support the request to extend the 30mph limit to the village boundary near Dyrham View. 

“There is no pavement along that stretch and so it is dangerous for pedestrians, too. 

“A reduced speed limit will improve highway safety for everyone, including cyclists and horse riders.

“The closure of the Badminton Road overbridge has impacted Pucklechurch and also Westerleigh, with an increase in the volume of traffic as drivers seek to find alternative routes.

“Unfortunately, a minority show no respect for our communities and drive too fast.” 

The petition can be found on the website, at