Getting to the heart of learning

MANGOTSFIELD School dedicated its latest ‘challenge day’ – where pupils look at learning from new perspectives – to matters of the heart. 

Year 7 pupils spent a day focusing on the school value of “Love Learning” with a focus on “Love the Heart” in the latest challenge day, held at the end of last term.

They explored many aspects of the heart from dissection to heart rates and from famous love stories and poems in literature, to representing the heart in the arts. 

One student summed up the day by saying: “Everyone learnt something and did something they enjoyed.” 

Head teacher Hetty Blackmore said: “Our Year 7 cohort are extremely impressive, and it was wonderful to see them embracing our school values so wholeheartedly.

“Our core curriculum delivery in the classroom is essential but it is really important to bring learning to life through our Challenge Day Curriculum.

“In March, Year 7 will be off to Bristol to learn about its hidden historic gems.”