Aya’s gift of the gab

A DOWNEND School sixth-form student has won an award for her public speaking.

Aya Miller, who is in year 12 at the school, took to the stage for the 35th grand final of Bristol’s Gabblers competition.

The event was set up in 1987 as a public speaking competition to give sixth-form students the skills and confidence they need to speak clearly and effectively at public appearances.

Downend students who take part compete against pupils from schools across the city, including independent Bristol Grammar School and QEH. 

Gabblers are required to give three speeches prior to the final, with their final speech held at the Bristol Hotel, in front of an audience of over 200 people. 

Aya was supported by Downend head of drama Charlie Scherp, who said: “Each speaker is given a topic on which they have to deliver a four-minute speech.

“Aya’s topic was Best Sellers, and her brilliant and funny delivery saw her take third place.”