Council defends clearance work on Rodway Common

EMERSONS GREEN Town Council has explained why it sent in workers and a digger to clear an area of Rodway Common where BMX jumps had been built.

The council, which is responsible for the upkeep of the open land, said the wooded area, which has been used by young people for bike tracks for many years, had become a “significant risk”.

The levelling of jumps and pits in May was criticised on social media, with one resident saying: “The kids have worked so hard over the years building these tracks, and what harm are they doing but having fun?”

However other residents said the amount of litter being left was “disgraceful”.

Town council environmental services manager Paul Kearsley said problems included “large excavations” of earth, structures being built, branches being cut down, littering and fires.

He said: “They could plausibly cause an injury to somebody falling due to them, bearing in mind that some users of the common land may be very young or infirm, and they also pose a risk to the cyclists using them themselves, for which we are not insured.

“We would be failing in our legal duty and moral duty to members of the public not to deal with it.”  

Mr Kearsley added: “Aside from the aforementioned issues, BMX cyclists are welcome to enjoy Rodway Common and the natural undulations of the ground.

“The council is also keen to involve young people in the planning for facilities in the future.Previously when this exact issue occurred, we reached out and engaged with the cyclists involved so we can make sure they can continue to enjoy their activities legally and safely, and we would be very happy to do so with this new crop of aspiring BMXers.”

The town council is encouraging anyone interested in “representing the views of young people in the area” to get in touch, and can be reached by email at